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Curious why we use Drupal for so many projects?

Over time, we've been asked by many clients why we've chosen the Drupal CMS to base so much of our work on.

I have put together a post on the blog to explain the rationale behind our choice. We think using Drupal allows us to offer our clients a more efficient and cost-effective option than using a different package, or developing a custom application from scratch (if it can be developed using Drupal).

Without further ado,

Why we use Drupal

We've relaunched our website!

As some of you hopefully notice, we've redesigned and relaunched our website.

Over the last few months, we have begun to feel that the existing layout and design that we were using were dated. Feedback from clients indicated that it was difficult to navigate to find items such as our contact information.

We think the new layout is an improvement, but we always appreciate feedback.